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Wisniewski: NY single payer bill is a competitive advantage over NJ

Assemblyman John Wisniewski (D-Sayreville) responded to the New York State Assembly passing a single payer health care bill. “Access to affordable health care is a right whose time has come. A single-payer healthcare system for New Jersey is the long-term solution to provide for our state’s health and economic future. The New York legislation is…

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Wisniewski Files Suit to Stop Statehouse Renovation

John Wisniewski announced that on Friday, May 12th, he filed suit against Governor Christie and the Economic Development Authority to prevent the New Jersey Statehouse renovation from going forward. The project is a waste of taxpayer money being funded through a series of shell games designed to circumvent the New Jersey Constitution. Estimated costs for…

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Fracking Phil Murphy can’t greenwash his hypocrisy

From Kevin Keefe, Campaign Manager: “Once again “Fracking Phil Murphy’s” hypocrisy shows no limits. At an event with Clean Water Action that was designed to greenwash his dirty energy investments, ex-Goldman Sachs banker Phil Murphy makes yet another lie of omission to mislead the voters about his personal investments versus his public statements. “During today’s event,…

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Phil Murphy Is Lying Again: Bernie Sanders Did Not Endorse a New Jersey Bank

Ex-Goldman Sachs senior executive Phil Murphy talks a lot about his public bank: it will supposedly support students and small businesses, help finance public housing and community development, and invest in infrastructure. And that’s about all he says about it. Despite being a senior executive at one of the most powerful banks on earth, he…

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Can anybody believe Fracking Phil Murphy?

Galloway Township, N.J. – Hypocrisy and Phil – Perfect Together. Ex-Goldman Sachs banker Phil Murphy insists he will be a vigorous protector and defender of the environment when nothing could be further from the truth. How can anyone believe Phil Murphy when he makes money from fracking and gas pipeline companies? Phil Murphy’s financial disclosure is…

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ELEC Shows The Depths Murphy Is Willing to Go To Buy The Governor’s Mansion

SAYREVILLE, N.J. – In response to the Elections Law Enforcement Commission filings that were released today, John Wisniewski for Governor’s campaign manager Kevin Keefe released the following statement: “Chris Christie and his dealmaking has turned the governor’s mansion into an auction house. This morning ELEC report showed in stunning detail the depths to which ex-Goldman Sachs…

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