Fracking Phil Murphy can’t greenwash his hypocrisy

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From Kevin Keefe, Campaign Manager:

“Once again “Fracking Phil Murphy’s” hypocrisy shows no limits. At an event with Clean Water Action that was designed to greenwash his dirty energy investments, ex-Goldman Sachs banker Phil Murphy makes yet another lie of omission to mislead the voters about his personal investments versus his public statements.

“During today’s event, Phil said, investments ““never guided my policy positions ever and it won’t start now. My commitment to environmental justice runs deep and long. It’s roots go back to Al Gore if not before, and it has never impacted one spec of how I feel about public policy or will it ever.””

“Phil’s investment policies are the only things guiding his campaign and he should divest from his dirty energy policies immediately or he should step out of the race.

“The portfolio is the window to the soul for a Wall Street banker and for Phil Murphy, it shows his hypocrisy. The only policy decisions Phil has ever had to make is where to put his money and he chose high profits at the expense of the environment.

“No candidate can be allowed to have such drastic disconnect between their millions of dollars in dirty energy investments and their stated policies.”


Phil Murphy said his “commitment to environmental justice runs deep”, but failed to be transparent about his investment in Occidental Petroleum Corporation – the sole owner of Occidental Chemical Company – which is one of the worst polluters of the Passaic River and one of the largest in US history.

  • From “OCC will spend $165 million, the release said, to create sampling and quality assurance plans, evaluate removal technologies, and carry out the engineering work necessary to move forward with the actual clean up.”  The story continues: “This is one of the largest cleanups to have taken place in the nation,” said Judith Enck, regional administrator at the EPA, during a telephone press conference Wednesday. “To illustrate just how big of an undertaking the clean-up will be, Enck said the amount of polluted sediment in the lower 8.3 miles of the Passaic, colloquially known as the “lower eight,” could fill the Red Bull Arena in Harrison three times over.”

According to Joseph Della Fave, the director of the Ironbound Community Corporation, “here’s an inordinate amount of contaminants, pollution, and the major sources of pollution in communities of low-income, disenfranchised, people of color communities such as Newark.”

From Keefe, “Phil Murphy’s private investments make money from harming the very people he claims to help. How private actions square up against public statements is one of the few ways voters have to judge Phil Murphy. And on this he is failing. He must come clean about owning fracking and pipeline holdings while advocating the opposing policy position.”

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