John Wisniewski Opposes Fracking

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What fracking actually is

Hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking, is the process of injecting highly pressurized liquids deep into the ground for the purpose of extracting oil and gas. It has been conditionally banned in the state since 2011. John Wisniewski is on record with his opposition to pipelines that would cut through preserved lands and environmentally sensitive areas such as the North Jersey Highlands and Pinelands, the latter of which will be encroached upon by the South Jersey Gas pipeline. He also signed onto a letter opposing the creation of the PennEast Pipeline, which would leave up to 88 waterways compromised if a spill occurred, among other significant environmental and economical costs.


John wants to stop fracking

Crude oil has never been and never will be a sustainable source of energy. John will work to reduce dependency on fossil fuels by setting the tone at the state level. He will start by requiring all new public buses to be electric or electric diesels.

He will also vigorously oppose efforts to force Pennsylvania into lifting their fracking ban in the Delaware River Basin. Over half of New Jersey’s drinking water comes from the Delaware River Basin and renewed fracking in this basin will dangerously jeopardize our future.

As governor, he will escalate the Delaware River Basin moratorium into a full ban. As an Assemblyman, John voted in favor of legislation prohibiting sewage treatment facilities from processing fracking water, and can be expected to enact the laws necessary to make this a reality. He will also appoint a member to the Delaware River Basin Commission that will do their job and advocate for the Basin and not the bottom line.


Phil Murphy’s ties to fracking

Phil Murphy’s financial disclosure is full of drillers, fracking chemical manufacturers, gas pipeline owners – including owning shares in two of the companies building the PennEast Pipeline and the one building the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock. His portfolio is a devil’s resume of companies dedicated to the exploitation and destruction of the earth’s natural resources.

John Wisniewski calls for Phil Murphy to immediately divest his financial interests in all the companies listed. No one can claim to be a pro-environment democrat with Phil Murphy’s portfolio. It is the worst form of hypocrisy.