We must defend our immigrant brothers and sisters. #HereToStay

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“We’re in uncharted territory with the Trump administration… What we need to do is make sure New Jersey [becomes] a sanctuary so immigrants can live in this state and thrive and succeed. We’re all immigrants.” – During remarks to Rutgers’ student group RU Progressives, December 7, 2016.

We must defend and expand our sanctuary cities… so that our friends and neighbors know they are welcome and safe in New Jersey – no matter what a Trump Administration may do. That’s why John has introduced A4611, legislation that would make New Jersey a sanctuary state.

The vast majority of our immigrant brothers and sister do not have criminal backgrounds… they work hard… and they contribute more than a half billion dollars annually to our economy by paying taxes and purchasing goods.

We must also defend those who signed up for DACA – Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

Wisniewski has introduced AR-210, an Assembly resolution calling on Gov. Christie to “use all the power within his means” to defend our DACA students from deportation. Further, Assemblyman Wisniewski has proposed a tuition-free college plan that will include DREAMers.

Wisniewski supports comprehensive immigration reform and will not provide any state assistance of resources to the Trump administration in its obsession with mass deportation and wall-building. As governor, he will direct his Attorney General to instruct all law enforcement in NJ to conduct themselves with a goal of providing sanctuary to law abiding individuals.

Finally, we must demand justice. We must reform a correctional system that unfairly targets people of color. A first-step: banning private prisons. We must eliminate that profit motive for keeping people locked-up.

Given the tenor in Washington, it is clear to John Wisniewski that governors will need to be progressive leaders to protect undocumented workers. John Wisniewski will set a tone that will not tolerate harassment of any kind towards undocumented workers.