New Quinnipiac poll shows Governor’s race is wide open

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 SAYREVILLE, N.J. — A new Quinnipiac poll shows the Democratic primary for governor to be wide open, despite former Goldman Sachs executive Phil Murphy having spent $15-20 million.

Robert Becker, John Wisniewski’s campaign manager released the following statement:

“The new Quinnipiac poll shows Phil Murphy is in trouble — not only in the Democratic primary but as a general election candidate as well. Murphy is a deeply flawed candidate who would put the Governor’s office at risk even against a weak Republican opponent.

“Murphy has spent an astronomical amount of his Goldman Sachs fortune — an estimated $15-20 million so far — on television ads and waves of negative mail attacking his strongest opponent John Wisniewski, yet he only garners 23%.

“No amount of Phil Murphy’s Wall Street fortune can shake the toxic albatross around his neck — his two decades at Goldman Sachs.

“With 57% of registered Democrats (Quinnipiac did not poll independents who are also eligible to vote in primaries) still undecided, it is only a matter of time before Murphy’s long history at Goldman Sachs catches up with him and causes his campaign’s collapse.

“Democrats need to recognize how fundamentally flawed Murphy is as a candidate, before it is too late. Otherwise, Murphy’s collapse in the general election will allow for a weak Republican candidate to win in November — and that would be devastating for the Democratic Party in New Jersey and America.”