Standing up for New Jersey’s LGBTQ+ community

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Rights for our Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, and Queer (LGBTQ+) brothers and sisters have come a long way in the last decade, but there is still an enormous amount of work to be done.


While New Jersey has been at the forefront of recognizing legal protections, we must remain vigilant to not backslide towards an era where LGBTQ+ rights are not recognized or are diminished.


John Wisniewski has been a leader on LGBTQ+ rights in New Jersey during his career. He has consistently worked to ensure the rights of LGBTQ+ are acknowledged by the law by being a prime sponsor of A-1, the Marriage Equality and Religious Exemption Act and striving to protect the rights of minors by voting for A-2920, making it illegal to attempt to change a child’s sexual orientation.


He took the lead nationally when he spearheaded the effort to get marriage equality into the Democratic Party platform. In 2012, John, working with 10 other state party chairs, lobbied the DNC platform committee to finally recognize marriage equality.


The following year, Wisniewski pressured Governor Christie to stop being a roadblock to equality, by insisting the Governor recognize marriage equality as a right.


With John Wisniewski as Governor, LGBTQ+ voices will be heard in the state capitol. He will push back against the voices of hate and will always stand up for the rights of individuals regardless of sexual orientation, gender, or economic circumstances.


John has supported a Constitutional Equal Rights Amendment, to finally guarantee equal protection under the law in New Jersey State Constitution. Passing this amendment guarantees protections are put into place so the rights of LGBTQ+ individuals cannot be taken away in the future.


As governor, John is committed to making schools free from bullying and fear. New Jersey must ensure that LGBTQ+ youth can learn and grow in safe environments. Schools should be a place of refuge and learning, not a place where fear and discrimination run rampant.


Toughening New Jersey’s cyber-bullying laws must be a priority, especially following the 2010 tragic suicide of Tyler Clementi and subsequent court  decision. We must ensure cyber-bullying, bias and hate crimes laws are updated to deliver the justice victims deserve.


John will also oppose any effort — legislative or legal — that protects hate masquerading as religious liberty. We cannot allow prejudice to wrap itself in the guise of religion.  


LGBTQ+ senior citizens must have access to quality care and not be subjected to discrimination by health care and housing providers. Senior citizen housing providers need to be accommodating to LGBTQ+ residents and we must move to protect the rights of seniors.


Additionally, our transgender neighbors must be treated with respect and receive full recognition under the law.


One of the hallmarks of John’s campaign is single-payer healthcare for New Jersey and he will work to guarantee the transgender community’s medical needs — such as hormone therapy, physiological treatments and transition costs — are covered.


In order to better respond to the needs of the community, police departments must have policies and receive training to better interact with transgender people, so they are treated with dignity and respect.


Wisniewski opposes any “bathroom bills” like the one in North Carolina that prevent people from using the bathroom of their identities. He is fully committed to enforce anti-discrimination laws in housing and the workplace so they fully cover the trans-community.  


When it comes to schools, John will work to protect transgender students from bullying and intimidation in school given the recent rollback in federal protections for students by the Trump Administration.  


These protections must be uniform across the state, protect the dignity and privacy of the student, ensure a safe learning environment free from harassment and support students who are transitioning.


New Jersey must be a leader in the fight to protect LGBTQ+ members of our community. John Wisniewski will pursue an agenda that ensures the protections for the vulnerable and pushes back against bullying and intimidation. He will work to make New Jersey a place where all people are welcome and free to be themselves.